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Telemark – the origin of skiing

Nowadays, quite often you can see Telemark adherents, who carve with elegance and sensitive contact to their skis on the slopes.

Sometimes telemarkers are vested with traditional Tyrolean clothes, women have skirts and men leather pants, and a wooden stick replaces common ski sticks.

The Telemark technique

Telemark is the oldest technique of parallel skiing and was invented in Norway in 1886. Today, the skis are narrow-waisted and can be used on ski runs, off-piste and as free-riding skis. The main difference in confront with normal skiing is that the shoe is only fixed in the front part of the binding, the heels are loose.

The parallel turn is characterised by the typical sidestep, which can be done by means of the heel (open shoe). During the turn, telemarkers press down the knee and push up the heel, the outside ski is pushed forwards, the inside ski backwards.

Telemark is not that easy, you will need power, stamina and a good balance. In fact, the oldest form of skiing is not going to be trend sport as it is difficult to learn.

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