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Skiroll - skiing on wheels

Skiroll is a sport not well-known yet, but that is becoming every year more and more popular among lovers of physical activity and skiing.

The birth of this discipline is relatively recent, it began as a summer training tool for athletes of Nordic skiing, the first "exemplary" were built in the mid-'30s in Italy and Northern Europe.

The first races were held in Asiago in 1975, enjoying great success among the public, fascinated to be able to enjoy cross-country skiing in the city centre.

How and where to go roller skiing

Roller skiing can be practised both on asphalt and dirt, using two rectangular bars in light alloy or carbon of the size of a minimum of 530 mm to a maximum of 700 mm, depending on the technique used (classic and skating). Metal rods upright on two wheels, covered with rubber or plastic with the width of 20-70 mm and two ski bindings skiing.

What you still need are boots, that are similar to those of cross-country ski, and sticks. Of course, for the speeds that are reached and the fact that we practice on asphalt, we strongly recommend the use of protection for hands, knees and elbows and a helmet.

In South Tyrol, you can enjoy roller skiing along the many cycle paths, away from traffic, but there are also training courses such as those in Antholz, by the Biathlon stadium, where there are often international competitions and the Nordic Arena in Toblach.

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