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Riding in Meran

When I think about Meran and horses, the Haflinger horses cross my mind and this not only because the village Hafling above Meran. The blonde beauties have been breeded in South Tyrol since centuries.

Centuries ago the Haflinger horse was a working-horse but in the course of the years it became a rare and beautiful riding horse.

Traditionally in Meran at Easter Sunday the Haflinger horses race take place. It is the most famous horse-race in whole South Tyrol. Horse enthusiasts must absolutely visit the event. By the way: the horse race takes place on the race-course in Meran, the only one in South Tyrol. But don’t worry: if you miss the race, you can see the beautiful horses on many other events in Meran and environs. 

See this Haflinger horses is a beautiful experience, but much more exiting is sitting on their back and ride through the marvellous environs of Meran. The best address for riding-holidays in Meran and environs is the Hotel and riding farm Quellenhof in St. Martin in Passeier. The 4 stars hotel offers a big wellness area, a great golf court and a more then respectable riding-area.

An insider tip for real horse-enthusiasts however is the farm of Sepp Waldner in Tscherms. With his family he owns the hotel Oberwirt in Marling near Meran. Mr. Waldner loves his horses and he tells a lot of horse-stories to his guests. He owns very noble stallions.

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