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Visitor center Trudner Horn

The visitor centre of the wildlife park Trudner Horn is located in the centre of Truden in Southern South Tyrol. The old mill has been restructured into an interactive museum with different areas for children and adults.

There you can admire tiny pollen, different types of scorpions and watch the keen ants at work. In the little hut, which was made of tree bark, the thrilling stories of the Carbonari (charcoal burners) are told and you’ll learn something about ancient crafts, such as peat and resin production.

The calls of owls are attracting the kids to interesting workshops, in which they can actively participate. In addition, the museum offers a great number of films and slides about the nature park and other exciting topics.

Very impressive is the old elevator of the mill in Truden, which is still working and ranging over three floors. In the summer, you will be introduced to the world of grain and you can witness the whole process: from the harvest up to the freshly baked bread, which, of course, can be tasted.

Outside of the visitor centre, you’ll find gardens with various species of plants and a pond, which is home to countless frogs, amphibians and dragonflies. We consider you to pay attention on special exhibitions about the park’s culture and nature.

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