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Mt. Tschenglser Hochwand

Alike the Tabaretta route also this fixed-rope route leads us into the valley Vinschgau and to Sulden.

Sulden is in winter a beautiful skiing resort: thanks to its isolation it is always very peaceful. The ski runs are amazing.

In summer however Sulden is starting point for every Mount Ortler ascent. And furthermore the village hosts a Messner Mountain Museum which is dedicated to the first ascents of Mount "King Ortler".

Tour description:

Starting point of the excursion is Sulden in Vinschgau. From here you walk to Hotel Post and Hotel Marlet where path 5 begins. Follow the path through valley Zaytal to get to refuge Düsseldorfer Hütte. (2-2,5 hours)

At the northern side of the refuge you have to follow the signpost path to Mount Tschenglser Hochwand. After half an hour you reach the ridge. There begins the difficult fixed rope route which leads you through exposed rock-formations and airy ridges. The fixed rope route is new: it was built in 2002. The difficult route should only be gone with helmet and fixed rope route-set.

To get back to the refuge Düsseldorfer Hütte you can take "normal-path" which is partially secured.

Details of the tour:

  • Length: 4-4,5 hours ascent
  • Difference in altitude: 1,500 m
  • Level of difficulty: difficult

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