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Fixed-rope route Hoachwool

Opened in 2015, the challenging fixed-rope route Hoachwool along former irrigation channels at Naturnser Sonnenberg is a highlight for climbing fans with the rope bridge in lofty heights, steep passages and a dreamlike view.

At the entrance of Schnals valley near Naturns, right next to Juval Castle, there is the access to the challenging fixed-rope route Hoachwool. Although it starts just in the valley, you will need a high level of stamina and arm power as well as a good footwork, in order to master the very difficult passages mainly in the upper part of the tour. The route with a climbing height of 630 m is not suitable for beginners and should be done early in the morning or in spring or autumn, for avoiding the strong sunlight and heat.

Tour description:

The fixed-rope rout Hoachwool starts from the car parking at the valley station of Unterstell cableway, continues along Juval climbing garden and red signs until the access road to Juval Castle. Then, there are a few simple passages secured with ropes leading to the first highlight, the rope bridge over Schnals river.

The next steps are the “Forbidden path”, the “11th rock plate” as well as the historical elements made of iron and wood of the old irrigation channel between Schnals and Naturns, the so-called “Hoachwool”. Soon after, there is a vertical and exposed wall – one of the route’s most difficult parts. Then there is the “Sattele” rest area for a small break. The more meters in altitude you make, the more beautiful will be the view over Vinschgau.

The last section of Hoachwool route leads over an ancient path, compact rocks and grooves to the top of a pillar. From here, the tour gets easier and the climbers finally reach the exit on the meadow Höfler Weide.

For descending, just follow the fence until arriving to hiking path no. 10. From here, you either ascend to the top station of Unterstell cableway and descend comfortably, or get back to Naturns completely on foot.

The fixed-rope route can be combined as well with a visit of Juval Castle with a wonderful Messner Mountain Museum.

Details of the tour:

  • Length: 3 hours / 3.5 hours
  • Difference in altitude: 630 m / 670 m
  • Level of difficulty: very difficult
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Fixed-rope route near Naturns
Fixed-rope route near Naturns

The "Hoachwool“ fixed-rope route near Naturns offers magnificent views.

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