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Child seat or burley?

What is better for the bike holiday in South Tyrol? You are an avid biker and you do not want to renounce to your hobby during your holidays in South Tyrol? You don’t have to! You only need a child seat or a child carrier!

But the question is: child seat or child carrier? A child seat is small, takes up little space in your car away and you can "feel" the kids near you. If you crash however, also the child can get hurt seriously.

Optimal is certainly a child carrier. Children can be nowhere transported safer than in a trailer. The folding umbrella protects from sunlight, wind and rain. Moreover, the trailer has a deep centre and makes the overturning nearly impossible. Nevertheless, the child should wear a helmet and be belted in the trailer.

When buying a child carrier keep quality in mind and read test reports and. A child-carrier costs about 300-500 €. The most popular brands are Burley, Chariot, Croozer, coach or KidCar Street. The trailer should have illuminated strips and an additional active illumination.

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