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Winter hikes with the family

When the children have to practice the snow plough the whole day, they surely get bored. The consequences are tears and whining. It doesn’t have to be that way.

It would be much better when you bring some variety in your ski holidays and to go with your children in the winterly wood.

Right. Because there are many discoveries to make. Many people think the wood’s sleeping during the wintertime, that the birds had flown to the South and that foxes, marmots and others are hibernating.

Traces in the snow

But, it isn’t so: wandering through the woods you can hear birds chirping, something shooing and you see bushes swishing. These are not illusions: you can see the traces in the snow!

Some of them you can recognize immediately. For instance the traces of the rabbit (see the picture), or the ones of the deer: pro hoof there are 2 notches in the snow. Really nice are the traces of the fox: you can extinguish the pad and the 4 claws! You see: there is something going on in this winter fairy-tale!

A tip for the parents: buy a book about the fauna in South Tyrol and go with your family on trace hunting - it will be a great adventure!

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