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Family holidays in winter

Winter is the most magical season of the year! Especially for children, who remain enchanted by white snow, white mountains and the frozen lakes.

In winter, as in other seasons, the South Tyrol offers endless proposals for family vacations!

Many ski resorts offer kindergartens for children, where they can have fun and make the first approach with the snow and skis. Tapis-roulant that children can use as first lifts, inflatable dolls, walks in the woods, creative workshops. These are the offerings of kindergarten.

Even hotels in South Tyrol reserves special attention for families and their children. Comfortable rooms, equipped playground, outdoor areas controlled, swimming pools for children, animation, special menus, and much more.

Sport is one of the favourite activities in South Tyrol and on winter snow are really many sports that you can do: skiing, sledding, horse riding and sledges, skate, walking on snow and a thousand other things that suggests imagination of your children.

You can do all this followed by professional ski schools and prepared to teach the younger skiers, leaders and guides who love children and enjoy playing with them.

The specialized schools for children are marked by a gold, silver or bronze seal. All three are given only to those schools that offer ski deals or special methods and appropriate for children.

For example, a ski school with gold seal offers daily entertainment, children's menus at noon pitches delimited with various attractions for children, kindergarten for children and teaching aids that help you learn how to ski by playing.

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