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Alpine Bob Meran 2000

It's all haywire in the skiing area Meran 2000. But in a positive way and surely not only in wintertime.

The tourism managers built a new roller coaster in the holiday area Meran 2000, to increase the attraction of the area mostly for families.

The new roller coaster starts on the top of the mountain Meran 2000 and goes down to the bottom. The name of the roller coaster: alpine bob.

The roller coaster isn’t like any other, it is the longest one in Italy. It winds from 1,900 m above sea level down to Falzeben over a distance of 1,1 km, about 12 m over the ground and through deep woods and over steep meadows. An alpine bob ride is really an adventure for everyone who is looking for an adrenaline rush!

The alpine bob is open all the year round. The roller coaster starts at the summit station of Meran 2000, you reach it taking the cable car.

Tip: Meran 2000 is a very family-friendly skiing area. In summer, however, it offers lots of opportunities for hiking.

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Phone: +39 0473 234 821

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