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Family holidays in South Tyrol

Just as for parents holidays are important also for children. Between school, homework, playing and afternoon courses there remains not much time together with their parents.

To undertake something together, to spend a holiday together, is good for the family. Particularly if you spend your summer holidays without stress in South Tyrol. Holidays at the beach are not really relaxing. You must share the beach with thousands of other people and you always have to keep in eyes your little ones, so that they not get lost.

In South Tyrol it is much more stress-free: in summer you can search a quiet beautiful lake and swim there, you can undertake easy but exiting excursions or mountain bike tours through lovely alpine pastures or visit a family-friendly museum, if weather is bad. The offers for children are manifold, monotony doesn’t exist.

Many hotels in South Tyrol are specialized in families with children. Here children menus are composed not only of chips and Wienerschnitzel but of healthy ingredients like vegetables, fruit or biologic meat. You see: the summer in South Tyrol offers a lot to families!

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