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Homecoming of livestock in South Tyrol

In summer, South Tyrol’s sheep, cows and goats live on the idyllic mountain pastures. Here, the air is fresh, the grass is refined with Alpine herbs and the night is full of stars. In autumn, however, they return to the warm stable down in the valley.

The homecoming of livestock in autumn is celebrated all over South Tyrol when summer comes to an end. The best cows are decorated with elaborate wreaths, the healthy calves are crowned with flowers and the sheep are marked with different colours. The animals are welcomed with traditional sounds, farmers’ markets, folk festivals and applause down in the valley and get back to their winter home.

The transhumances in South Tyrol take place between the middle of September and the end of October. For instance, the homecoming of livestock in Terenten, organised during the “Terner Schmelzpfandl” event, the transhumance in Meransen which is one of the biggest in South Tyrol and the transhumance in Schnals near Meran and in Kematen in Ahrntal.

Other appointments for homecomings of livestock in South Tyrol can be found in our event calendar.