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Lebenberg Castle

In Meran, just above the village of Tscherms, there is the old Lebenberg Castle. The castle dates from the second half of the thirteenth century and was built by the Lords of Marling. At one time the castle was surrounded by a wall, now preserved only in part.

Between 1426 and 1828 the castle passed into the hands of Fuchs von Fuchsenberg, that during the '500 and '600, did many renovations and expansion.

The impressive complex of buildings of Lebenberg Castle, nestled among vineyards of Meran and environs, is one of largest private buildings and castles of South Tyrol, it is a beautiful testimony of Venetian and Rococo style art.

Today the castle belongs to the Family Cornelius van Rossem, if you are on holiday here, it definitely worth a visit.

The interior of the castle

The castle is a vast complex that is spread over several buildings, including a lovely chapel, rebuilt in 500 and dedicated to St. Stefano. Inside you can admire the picturesque courtyards and gardens in the French style, the hall of mirrors, a Napoleonic style room in which there is also a tiled stove.

Very charming room has also cavalry one, in which you can see the family tree of 12 generations, with 264 portraits of the ancestors of the Fuchs family.

The interior of the castle is perfectly preserved, furnished almost entirely. Among the rooms of the castle there is also a beautiful room dedicated to arms.

More info & opening hours:

Lebenberg Castle
Lebenbergstraße 15, I-39010 Tscherms
Phone: +39 320 4018511

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Castle Lebenberg in Tscherms/Cermes
Castle Lebenberg in Tscherms/Cermes

This castle is one of the most beautiful residences of Burggrafenamt.

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Tscherms/Cermes in 2013 became a Municipality.

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