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Youth hostels in South Tyrol

Convenient holidays with people from all over the world. Many holiday makers cannot effort a stay in 4 stars hotels. And some others don’t want it even, because they want more of a holiday than spa-centers.

A lot of people prefer a more adventurous holiday in a youth hostel in South Tyrol and renounce willingly luxury. In South Tyrol for them there are four youth hostels in Bozen, in Brixen, in Toblach and in Meran. In the last years, they registered about 70,000 overnight stays and guests from 130 nations. In addition, there are two more inns especially for young travelers and backpackers, namely the Noldinhaus in Salurn and the youth center Castelfeder next to Auer/Neumarkt.

Intercultural meetings

People who stay in youth hostels are very lucky, because they will meet people from all over the world. Finally it may happen that you have to share your room with totally unknown people, that you get in touch with them and even make some excursions through the South Tyrolean mountains together.

Further information:

Youth hostel Bozen
Rittnerstraße 23 – I-39100 Bozen
Phone: +39 0471 300 865
E-Mail: bozen(at)

Youth hostel Meran
Carduccistraße 77 – I-39012 Meran
Phone: +39 0473 201 475
E-Mail: meran(at)

Youth hostel Brixen
Brunogasse 2 – I-39042 Brixen
Phone: +39 0472 279 999
E-Mail: brixen(at)

Youth hostel Toblach
Dolomitenstraße 29 – I-39034 Toblach
Phone: +39 0474 976 216
E-Mail: toblach(at)

Youth hostel Dr. Josef Noldin
Dr. Josef-Noldin-Straße 20 – I-39040 Salurn
Phone: +39 0471 884 356
E-Mail: info(at)

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