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Fruit from Vinschgau

The apples from Vinschau are known mostly all over, not only in South Tyrol. A value that goes upon borders.

Thanks to its geographical position, infect, the Vinschgau has the perfect climate for apples. More that 200 sunny days a year. A real taste of the sun

The summer in Vinschgau is an experience you don´t want to miss. The combination of the typical mediterranean climate with the northern one, drier and fresh, makes of this region the best place to be if you want to relax at the perfect temperature. History, natural beauties, sports and fun for averyone. A vacation for all tastes.

Not only apples. Even though apples are the main product for this region, Vinschgau´s apricots are becoming more and more popular. Since they got here, about 100 years ago, this fruit is gotten always better thanks to the ideal climate and has become one of the best apricots on the market. 

And last but not least, in Vinschgau you will also find delicious strawberries.

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