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Are you planning a holiday with your family or with a group of friends in South Tyro?! You have thought of everything : route, hotels, restaurants, things to do and see, you have acquired some useful guides in your language, but you want to discover very special attractions!

Would you like to be accompanied by someone local who loves and knows the places you wish to visit, someone that tell you anecdotes and stories in your language?

What you are looking for is a tourist guide who will accompany you during your visit and tell you everything he knows about art, history, traditions, culture and tips about churches, town centres, monuments, works of art! There are many ways to define who receives and takes tourists: tourist guide, travel assistant, guide by town or museums; all these professions, however, have the power, joy and enthusiasm with which these people will tell you their land.

In South Tyrol there is a real association of tour guides who offers different destinations to explore the most beautiful places in South Tyrol and helps you to quench your thirst for knowledge and adventure.

No matter what your destination, the beautiful spa town of Meran, the episcopal city of Brixen, Bozen with its arcades or the picturesque Vinschgau, on the website of the guides of South Tyrol you will find the right person to discover every corner of South Tyrol.

If you would like to have more information find out the list of travel guides in South Tyrol on, where you can find information on schedules, prices and guided tours!

Have fun discovering the beauty of South Tyrol!

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