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Stay safe on vacation – South Tyrol & corona virus

The questions and answers regarding the current situation in South Tyrol

Can I book my holidays right now?

All accommodations in South Tyrol are already looking forward to starting with the summer season. From 25th May, all hotels and apartments are allowed to reopen. Most accommodations have fixed their opening dates between the end of June and the beginning of July. All of them already doing their best for making your stay as safe and pleasant as possible, in order to welcome all guests without any risk.

It is possible to book your holidays, make requests and start with your holiday planning. In order to deal with the current situation, many hosts have created special offers and do not retain any costs for cancellations and changes of your bookings. For detailed information, please contact the accommodation of your choice in South Tyrol.

Which rules must be followed?

At the moment it is possible to move in one’s region. From 3rd June, the borders to the other regions in Italy will be open again. Gatherings of people are prohibited and maintaining a safety distance of 2 meters to other persons is obligatory. It is mandatory to wear protection over your mouth and face in all public spaces. In grocery shops or when having contact with objects, such as in supermarkets or bookshops, you must wear disposable gloves or disinfect your hands very often.

Which shops & businesses are open?

All businesses are open. The security measures as well as the minimum distance to other people are obligatory. From 25th May, gyms, swimming pools, sports centres and from 15th June, cinemas and theatre will reopen.

Is it allowed to do sports?

Currently allowed activities are walks, running and biking in the fresh air, along cycle paths or in the parks. Doing sports in groups is allowed in accordance with the safety regulations. Also, when exercising, you must respect the minimum distance of 3 meters to other persons as well as wear protection over mouth and nose. All sports events do not take place at the moment. 

Are parks and green areas open?

Access to parks and green areas is allowed. Distance to other persons is mandatory and kids can access if accompanied by an adult only.

What about the means of public transport?

All means of public transport are operating. All passengers must wear a protection over mouth and nose and distance to other people is mandatory. In case you would like to use these means, consult the timetable on on

Are the borders open?

On the Italian territory travelling is allowed only in your own region. From 3rd June, the borders to the other regions will be open again. The self-declaration for moving beyond one's region will be mandatory until 3rd June. As well, EU citizens will be allowed to travel to Italy from 3rd June. Passing the border will not imply isolation for 14 days anymore. For tourist that come to Italy and go back to their country of origin, the regulations of the country of origin will apply for eventual isolation after their return.

What do I do, if I suspect I have been infected in South Tyrol?

If you are in South Tyrol and if you have symptoms or suspect that you have been infected, please contact the free helpline 800 751 751 immediately from 8 am to 8 pm. Please call the emergency services at 112 for absolute emergencies only.

Where can I find further information?

All new regulations and messages can be found on the website of the Province of South Tyrol (in German and Italian language).

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