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Safety measures – South Tyrol & Coronavirus

Here you can find all information for safe holidays in South Tyrol.

After the removal of numerous restrictions in South Tyrol for some time and in Italy during the last weeks, the long-awaited lightness has returned for what concerns holidays and everyday life. Freedom of movement is again in force around the clock throughout Italy, and almost all structures can open again. Some activities are, however, tied to the Green Pass.


Which general rules must still be observed?

  • The now well-known measures on handwashing, disinfecting and keeping the minimum distance, etc. should still be observed.
  • Outdoors, it is mandatory to wear protection over mouth and nose only and in case of gatherings of people and if the minimum distance cannot be kept. In fact, you should always have a face mask with you.
  • Indoors, wearing a face mask is mandatory: On public transport, when shopping etc. you are obliged to wear a surgical mask. For services close to people (hairdresser, beauty salon etc.) a FFP2 mask is mandatory, if the persons do not have a Green Pass.
  • Children under 6 years of age are excepted from the mandatory protection, as well as people who cannot wear it because of health reasons. People practising a sport do not have to wear them, neither.


What do you need the Green Pass for?

Certain activities are tied to the Green Pass or digital COVID certificate by the EU. It is a certification valid throughout Europe for vaccination (valid from 15 days after the 1st dose or for 270 days after the 2nd dose), tests with a negative result (molecular or antigen test for 48 hours) and recovery (valid for 180 days). Please note: Not in all EO countries, there are the same limits and conditions like in Italy or South Tyrol, regarding the so-called 3G rule (vaccinated, tested or recovered).

In South Tyrol, the Green Pass is also valid for:

  • the consumption of food and drink indoors, seated at tables
  • indoor pools, fitness, wellness facilities in closed rooms, gyms etc. (in accommodation establishments as well)
  • sports events and competitions
  • public performances in theatres, cinemas etc. (outdoors as well)
  • public outdoor events
  • wedding ceremonies and other celebrations
  • museums and other cultural facilities
  • fairs, conferences and congresses
  • thermal facilities, theme parks and amusement parks
  • overnight stays in mountain huts, mountain inns and youth hostels with common bedrooms
  • casinos
  • the use of interregional trains, busses, ferries and ships as well as for aeroplanes

Children under 12 years do not need the Green Pass in these cases. Only for some cases (e.g. overnight stays in mountain huts), tests are offered on site, alternatively to the Green Pass.


What are the rules for travelling?

  • The Green Pass has simplified travelling between Italy and many other countries. For entering from most of the EU and Schengen area countries, registration of the trip with the digital Passenger Locator Form is required in addition to the Green Pass (for travellers from 6 years).
  • For countries outside the EU, additional requirements usually apply: For example, anyone who has stayed in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in the last 14 days before entering Italy needs a negative antigen or PCR test (not older than 48 hours) in addition to the green pass and registration.
  • Certificates from the health authorities of some countries outside the EU (such as Great Britain and Northern Ireland or the USA) are recognised as equivalent to the Green Pass.
  • For the return to many countries, please observe the measures of your home country.
  • Further information about inbound and outbound travels is available here:
    - Website of the autonomous province (in German and Italian)
    - Website of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    - Re-open EU


Where can I find more detailed information?

  • Important information, regulations and news can be found on the website of the Province of South Tyrol (in German and Italian language).
  • Callers from Italy can also contact the Green Number 800 751 751 (daily from 8 am to 8 pm). Callers from abroad can contact this number: +39 0471 163 2355 (at the caller's expense).
  • In case you would like to use public transport, consult the current timetables and information on sü
  • Further information is available on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Health of your country.

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