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Safety measures: South Tyrol & corona virus

Here you can find answers to questions about the current situation in South Tyrol.

During the last weeks, numerous restrictions in South Tyrol and in Italy have been removed step by step: During your holidays and in everyday life, a long-awaited lightness has returned, allowing you and us to enjoy the dreamlike South Tyrolean nature even more consciously. In South Tyrol and almost all over Italy (except Aosta Valley which is still a yellow zone with nighttime curfew) moving is again possible all day and almost all structures can open again. However, all of us still have to follow several rules – for safe easiness.

Some activities or accesses are bound to the so-called "Green Pass" (CoronaPass South Tyrol). The pass is a vaccination, recovery or test certificate. Also, travelling back from South Tyrol has become a lot easier. However, there are still certain regulations for the arrival, transit and for the journey back home. From July, a general Coronapass or Green Pass will be valid for the EU.

Which general rules must still be observed?

  • In South Tyrol, it is mandatory to wear protection over mouth and nose in closed rooms doors, and outdoors if the minimum distance cannot be kept and in case of gatherings of people. You should always have a face mask with you.
  • In general, a distance of at least 1 meter must be maintained between persons who are not living together.
  • Children under 6 years of age are excepted from the mandatory protection, as well as people who cannot wear it because of health reasons. People practising a sport do not have to wear them neither.
  • For private apartments as well, if there are guests, wearing a face mask is highly recommended and in case of gatherings, everyone should have a CoronaPass South Tyrol.


What are the current regulations in South Tyrol?

  • Sports (also team and contact sports) are allowed. If persons not living in the same household practise sports indoors, the CoronaPass South Tyrol is required.
  • Bars and restaurants can hosts guests at the table.
  • The consumption of food and beverages on streets, squares and other publicly accessible places is prohibited, if the distance of 2 m to persons not living in the same household cannot be maintained.
  • Hotels and other accommodation structures can open for guests.
  • The retail shops are open. Markets can take place too.
  • Services related to people such as hairdressing and beauty salons are permitted. Clients and the staff must wear FFP2 masks. Who has the CoronaPass South Tyrol needs a surgical mask only.
  • In the means of public transport and in cable cars, a surgical mask is mandatory.
  • Theatres, cinemas and concerts can open, if they assign booked seats. For indoor performances, only in case if more than 50 % of the seats are occupied or if the minimum distance of 1 meter cannot be kept, the CoronaPass South Tyrol will be necessary.
  • Museums and other cultural premises such as libraries are open.
  • Outdoor pools and swimming centres can open (access to the showers and dressing rooms with the CoronaPass South Tyrol only).
  • Indoor pools, wellness and thermal spas can open (access tied to the CoronaPass South Tyrol).
  • Gyms, fitness centres and sport centres can open (access tied to the CoronaPass South Tyrol).
  • Theme and amusement parks can open.
  • Trade fairs are again possible.
  • Parties after civil and religious ceremonies (such as weddings) are allowed with the CoronaPass South Tyrol.
  • Organised publicly accessible events such as festivals in villages can take place outdoors on delimited areas with the CoronaPass South Tyrol. Regarding food and beverages, the general rules for the catering trade apply.


Which offers/services will open during the next weeks?

  • Casinos and playing halls can open from 1st July 2021 (access with CoronaPass South Tyrol).
  • Meetings and congresses are again possible from 1st July 2021.

For discos there is no fixed date yet.


What are the rules for travelling?

  • Currently, entering from most of the EU and Schengen area countries (countries of the C list) is possible without quarantine. Also required for everyone who enters are: registration of the trip with the digital Passenger Locator Formregistration at the Sanitary Service (preferably online) and a negative PCR or antigen test that is not older than 48 hours.
  • For those entering from Great Britain or Northern Ireland, a five-day quarantine is mandatory.
  • When returning home, the regulations of the respective home country apply.
  • Further information about mobility in Italy and about inbound and outbound travels is available on the website of the autonomous province (in German and Italian) and on the website of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where you can find the form for the self-declaration, too.


Where can I find further information?

  • Important information, regulations and news can be found on the website of the Province of South Tyrol (in German and Italian language); and about the CoronaPass South Tyrol too.
  • Callers from Italy can also contact the Green Number 800 751 751 (daily from 8 am to 8 pm) with any questions. Callers from abroad can contact this number: +39 0471 163 2355 (at the caller's expense).
  • In case you would like to use public transport, consult the current timetables and information on sü
  • Further information is available on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Health of your country.

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