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Safety measures – South Tyrol & Coronavirus

Currently, there are special restrictions only for entry into Italy from China. The focus is on personal responsibility. Special regulations only apply in the case of illness or close contact with a sick person, or when symptoms appear.


Where is it currently still necessary to wear a mask?

  • Masks are still compulsory in hospitals and similar facilities until 30.04.2023.

What are the rules for travelling?

  • For guests arriving from China: from 28 December 2022 and until 28 February 2023, all persons entering from China over the age of 6 must submit to a negative test (molecular 72 hours before or antigen 48 hours before) before departure. On arrival, they are obliged to undergo an antigen test within 48 hours of entry into the country and if positive to undergo a confirmatory molecular test and fiduciary isolation in accordance with the regulations in force. A negative test is required to terminate isolation.
  • For entry to Italy from all the other countries, a 3G certificate has no longer been required since 1 June 2022.
  • For the return journey, please observe the current measures of your home country.
  • Further information about inbound and outbound travels is available here:


Where can I find more detailed information?

  • On the page of the Province of South Tyrol you will find more information and news (in German and Italian language).

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