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Natural swimming pond

Are you among people that even during a mountain vacation can’t miss water? In Sand in Taufers there is a solution for you: a beautiful natural pool. It is not a traditional swimming pool, but an artificial and at the same time natural swimming pond.

This "lake" of CASCADE_Sand in Taufers has been studied and designed like a real lake landscape, set among green lawns, flowers and aquatic plants.

The lake is linked to artificial lakes in which aquatic plants have been planted to oxygenate the water in a natural way, thanks to those plants water of the lake is swimming.

To help the children, long walkway have been built around the lake, which allow you to swim and rising the water without any difficulty. To animate the hot summer afternoons, games on the water, organized by the animation team. At your disposal there is also a restaurant where you can eat fresh and light dishes.

Further information:

CASCADE_Sand in Taufers
Industriestr. 2 - I-39032 Sand in Taufers
Tel.: +39 0474 679 045

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