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Törggelen in Eisacktal

When the mild October sun gives the valleys bright colours, the shadow play of autumn enchants the still snow-free mountains and the wine harvest is about to finish, then it is again time for the Törggelen season.


A centuries-old South Tyrolean tradition

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In Eisacktal the history of the harvest evenings (Törggelen) is a long one and they are mostly celebrated in small villages on the sunny hills of the valley. See here which the best harvest evening farms in Eisacktal are. Mainly in the higher villages such as Feldthurns, Villanders, Lajen and Barbian, the farm taverns and country inns open their doors from the end of September until the middle of November, offering new wine, roasted chestnuts and many sweet and savoury delicacies.

Magical chestnut trail

Before the Törggelen evenings begin – so the tradition says - you should normally do a rewarding excursion across the varied cultural landscape of Eisacktal, along vineyards, old farms and chestnut groves, on many old and well-maintained paths. The anticipation of these culinary delicacies is particularly big, as they will taste even better after a hike.

Hiking on the chestnut trial is particularly beautiful. It leads from Lake Vahrn, to Ritten high plateau and Runkelstein Castle near Bozen. On the way, you can not only learn more about the beauty of nature, but will also meet several monuments and hear more about chestnuts. Moreover, you can find many inns and taverns along the way.

The best Törggele taverns in Eisacktal

  • Moar zu Viersch
    The farm Moar zu Viersch is situated below Verdings near the village of Feldthurns and it is a typical Törggelen farm. It is located at the chestnut trail and offers savoury autumn specialities, excellent chestnuts and new wine in after an excursion in an authentic ambiance. Further information: +39 0472 855 489.
  • Putzerhof
    The Putzerhof farm is situated in the idyllic hamlet Ried near Lajen and it’s a very loved location by excursionists: many excursions pass by it (like the one from Waidbruck on path 35; 45 minutes) and it hardly possible to pass there without entering and eating something, like spare rips and sausages with sauerkraut. Further information: +39 0471 655 785.
  • Hubenbauer
    The Hubenbauer farm in Vahrn was first mentioned in 1614 and today it is one of the most popular harvest evenings farms in whole Brixen and surroundings. The Stolz family offers self-made bacon, sausages, bread, mead and wine and cooks in a very traditional farmers' way. Eating on the terrace under grapes or in the lovely cellar is a very romantic experience. Further information: +39 0472 830 051.
  • Winklerhof
    The Winklerhof in Villanders, a very special tip for those who love really traditional harvest evenings. The ingredients for the dishes mainly come from the own farm as well as the wine. Overnight stays are possible too. Further information: +39 0472 843 105.

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Törggelen in South Tyrol
Törggelen in South Tyrol

The traditional "Törggelen" with chestnuts and new wine is becoming increasingly famous.

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"Törggelen" in South Tyrol
"Törggelen" in South Tyrol

Roasted chestnuts

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