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Seasonal products

In South Tyrol every season is the mother of unique products and unmistakable flavors!

The season products have a better organoleptic quality and are more rich in vitamins. The consumption of seasonal and local products ensures a greater intake of vitamins and nutrients for the body!

  • In spring we can find asparagus, dandelion, the speck that ends in May its maturing and can be enjoyed at most of its flavor!
  • In summer there are strawberries, apricots, vegetables, potatoes.
  • Autumn offers excellent chestnuts that can be tasted during the traditional period of Törgellen, apples, grapes and wine.
  • Winter is the season during which is consumed more meat: sausage, beef steaks and pork shank are just some of the delicacies that you can taste in one of the many restaurants or farms in the area!