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South Tyrolean milk

The milk is one of the best known and most appreciated products of the region. Enjoy milk of South Tyrol means enjoy fresh and genuine milk that comes directly from stables to our tables.

From the processing of milk you get different products such as cheese, yogurt, dairy products. Milk is an indispensable element of many recipes and dishes giving them their particular taste and softness!

Cakes, dumplings, meat, everything can be cooked with milk. During your holiday in South Tyrol, at many farmsteads and rural houses you can see the processing of milk by yourself.

Also, South Tyrolean milk and therefore all other deriving products are GMO-free. This guarantees not just by the dairies, but also by the local farmers, as the animal feed is strictly controlled. In fact, if you drink South Tyrolean milk, you will instantly know that this milk comes from lush green meadows and animal-friendly and clean stables.

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