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Rosengarten & Latemar

Coniferous forests, lush green meadows and the rugged rocks of famous peaks are characteristic for Eggental Valley and make it a real nature’s paradise. Not for nothing the area of Mt. Rosengarten and Mt. Latemar is part of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage.

Mt. Rosengarten & the alpenglow

As a part of Schlern Rosengarten Nature Park, this mountain range includes the area between Schlern massif in the north and Karer pass in the south on a length of eight kilometres. Ten summits emerge from the steep rockfaces of this legendary mountain – and thanks to more than ten mountain huts, then passes as well as countless hiking paths and fixed-rope routes it is a famous destination for all kinds of mountain fans.

The highest elevation or Rosengarten Group is Mt. Kesselkogel (3,004 m) that can be accessed by a fixed-rope route. Equally know are Rosengartenspitze, Rotwand, the Vajolet Towers as well as the tour around the entire Rosengarten massif.

An extraordinary spectacle is offered by Mt. Rosengarten during sunset, when the rock faces are shining as if by magic. Legend has it that King Laurin has cursed his rose garden in order that nobody can see it during the day and night. However, he forgot about dawn and because of this Rosengarten still flowers as well as glows.

Probably it is the unique composition of the rock that ensures the colouring of the mountain red, pink, orange and violet when the sun is low. At any case, the “enrosadira”, the alpenglow is an impressive nature spectacle, that can be seen very good on the rockfaces of Mt. Rosengarten.

Mt. Latemar – the giant of the Dolomites

If you love exploring mountains and nature calmly, Mt. Latemar is the right place. This giant of the Dolomites with the Latemar Tower as the highest elevation is located south of Rosengarten Group, at the border of South Tyrol and Trentino. In fact, it is the background of the famous waters of Karersee too, reflecting the jagged rocks.

Compared to the other summits in the Dolomites, the area around Mt. Latemar is not that easily accessible. This is majorly due to the rather crumbling rocks that are not that ideal for climbing tours. However, several mountain huts and countless hiking paths invite you to make unique mountain experiences. Some famous tours are the Latemar crossing, the tour to Latemar and Diamantidi Tower or the labyrinth path above Karersee.

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Tiers am Rosengarten
Tiers am Rosengarten

In Tiers and St. Zyprian, you will enjoy a wonderful view of the wonderful natural landscape and of the legendary Mt. Rosengarten.

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The small village Eggen in Eggental is located at the foot of Mt. Latemar in the Dolomites – a dreamlike hiking area for the whole family.

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In the Mountains around Mt. Rosengarten

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Ski touring
Ski touring

Explore the Rosengarten Group with alpine skiing

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View over the Karersee

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