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Earth pyramids in Steinegg

You can find them in Terenten, near Percha, in Ritten and also in Steinegg: those bizarre towers made of earth and rock, which seem to spring up as if by magic.

Nevertheless, earth pyramids are formed by Mother Nature or rather by erosion. A bigger stone prevents that the soil under it is washed away by rain or wind. In this way over time there are formed turrets and cones.

In addition to this scientific explanation in Steinegg there is handed down also an old legend: Many years ago there was a lush green meadow. Down the generations it was worked by the Dosser farmers, who gave the yield to the priest of Steinegg.

One day, the young farmer refused to pay the usual leasehold rent. In the end, also the court agreed with him, because there was nothing in written concerning this duty. The very same evening a storm broke over Steinegg. It lasted all night and struck fear into the inhabitants. The morning after it finally cleared up and the farmer wanted to mow the grass on his field. But he only found a chasm with some strange earth columns.

Pyramid round

Either way, the earth pyramids of Steinegg are worth seeing, and they are reachable over a pleasant walking tour that starts above the village. From there, a partly narrow and a bit steep path goes to the Katzenbach gorge, through the Lahnen track, to the Dosser cross and finally to the unique earth pyramids. For the way back you follow the marking no. 2 to Steinegg.

Altogether the well signposted pyramid round is circa 4.5 kilometres long and takes about three hours. The hike is also suitable for a family getaway, although the path isn’t passable with a baby carriage. 

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