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Natural attractions in South Tyrol

In addition to cultural attractions such as museums, churches and monasteries, South Tyrol offers countless natural beauties. You can discover the most famous attractions by making excursions in nature, by taking a walk or by practising your favourite sport.

South Tyrol offers a great variety of natural phenomena, which will delight you! The incredible beauty created by Mother Nature is largely important to the inhabitants and sustainably protected.

Earth pyramids, gorges & other phenomena

Some natural beauties, which you can visit during your holidays in South Tyrol, are for instance waterfalls such as those in Rein in Taufers, gorges and canyons such as the Bletterbach gorge, natural attractions such as the earth pyramids in Steinegg, on Ritten, in Percha or Terenten or the ice holes in Eppan.

Without any doubt, South Tyrol’s natural landscape is mainly known for the special rock formations of its mountain ridges. Ever since, the “pale” Dolomites have been fascinating not only fascinate the locales but also guests.

For sure, you have already heard about the natural spectacle of alpenglow, dying the mountains in various nuances of red during dawn and dusk. This creates very special panoramas!

All of these special occurrences, being inexplicable to us mainly in former times, have been an incentive for the creation of legends and myths, still known today. For instance, there is the legend of King Laurin, whose rose garden gave the name to the homonymous mountain.

Nature in South Tyrol offers a variety of nature wonders. Start your personal discovery tour and look forward to an adventurous holiday at any season.

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Stone cairns
Stone cairns

The legendary stone cairns are a famous destination for excursions and can be reached from Sarntal or Jenesien.

© Tourismusverein Sarntal - R. Lamprecht
Partschins/Parcines Waterfall
Partschins/Parcines Waterfall

The waterfall (97 m high) is a wonderfule spectale of nature and is always worth a visit.

© Tourismusverein Partschins, Rabland und Töll - Helmuth Rier

Natural attractions