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Nordic walking in South Tyrol

Nordic walking is just the sport for people who are either not allowed to or do not wish to do any running, but are still keen on doing something for their health and fitness.

The Nordic Walking Parks in South Tyrol are wonderful places immersed in nature, designed to allow lovers of this discipline practice it in complete security, on trails and paths of various difficulties.

The Nordic Walking, for those who still do not know, is a sport for all ages and able to work better all the muscles of the body. During the trips, in addition to the legs, the use of special rackets allows a regular and continuous movement of arms.

This sport is really a unique way to spend magical moments with the entire family, teaching children the love for hiking visit places reachable only on foot!

One of the first Nordic Walking Park, opened in 2004, is located in South Tyrol, in Schenna… from that date the parks have multiplied and spread throughout Italy to allow everyone to discover this wonderful world immersed in nature.

We want to present some of the most famous Nordic Walking Parks in South Tyrol, giving some information and recommendations! Good way for everyone!

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