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Monte Roen

The South Tyrol is known for its Mediterranean atmosphere, its vast orchards and wine, for its hills and mountain ranges, limiting him right and left.

Here, around Bozen, there are not many climbing routes. We present an easy fixed rope route to the highest point of the Mendelkamms, on Mt. Roèn.

Tour description:

From Mendel Pass (1,363 m.) follow the signs mountaineers climbing path number 521 to reached the start point of the fixed-rope route. First, it goes through a steep gully up, then it crosses to the left and reached the easy exit of Bergkamms. The path reached after the summit cross of Roèn (2,116).

At the summit return on the path 521, back to Roèn Alm. From there, follow for Mendel pass.

Details of the tour: 

  • Length: 5 hours
  • Altitude: 753 m
  • Difficulty: easy

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