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Xsund Adventure Parcour Terlan

This high-rope course in Southern South Tyrol is a paradise for adventure and climbing lovers with some of the highest parcours of the region.

Without any doubt, climbing requires strong nerves as you have to balance on high ropes and to master other obstacles. However, Xsund Adventure Parcour Terlan also offers parcours for the less courageous or beginners and professional instructors are always near.

The lowest parcours is up to 5 m high and perfect for kids and beginners, The green and blue parcours have a height of up to 8.5 m, the red one 12 m. The black parcours is with 21.5 the most difficult and only authorised for visitors from 16 years. As well, there is a 3D archery trail in the forest right behind the high-rope course.

Another exciting offer at Xsund Adventure Parcour in Terlan is river boating. Here, you can rent a stable rubber dinghy as a group of four or six persons and for a drive on Etsch River between Lana and Bozen. Paddles and life vests are included in the price. For this water adventure there is no minimum age. However, an adult must sign the contract. The river boating tour lasts about 3 hours; afterwards you will get back to the starting point by train.

Further information:

Xsund Adventure Parcour
Hauptstraße 4 – I-39018 Terlan
Tel.: +39 0471 257 944

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