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In the mountains with the stroller

More and more families with small children, do not give up the vacation in the mountains and the activities carried out before they become mom and dad! It is sufficient information to discover that having a child does not necessarily mean giving up walks and hikes in the mountains!

Indeed, it may be a great way to discover new routes and to breathe healthy air with all the family.

Children of 1 or 2 years old, are still too small to fit in your backpack, fanny pack is often very uncomfortable and  to walk along is not at all pleasant.

In South Tyrol, however, there are many trails, forest roads and bicycle paths that can be covered with strollers with special wheels, shock absorbers, brakes and safety systems that will allow you to make pleasant strolls-walk with your baby!

Some tours

If you are having holiday in Vinschgau, there is a pleasant hike tour in the Hills of Schlinig. It starts from the town centre and walk up along a path partially paved and partially unpaved and in about 2 hours you can reach the hut. 

In the area of Meran and its environs, instead, there is a hike tour in the Hills and Leadner Knottenkino. The starting point is Hafling and follow the path towards the hut No. 16 Leadner.

In Bozen, you can go to the mountain Cuccolo and also Pustertal offers courses to do with the stroller! Starting from Lake Prags you can arrive, for example, to Grünwald Alm, in about 2 hours.

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