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South Tyrol's music bands

Sunday morning, Whitsun. It is hot, the church bells are ringing, the people are waiting on the church square. And then suddenly they hear them coming, they here the trumpet, the tuba, the clarinets and the drums: the marching band is coming, awaited eagerly by the people.

And now the musicians are here, dressed to kill with beautiful traditional costumes, their instruments mirror the sun. They play a traditional march and the children are excited about the music as well as about the musicians in costumes. No matter which festival is celebrated in South Tyrol, the more than 200 music bands of South Tyrol turn every event and every feast to something special and to something typical.

In South Tyrol many girls and boys women and men are engaged in marching bands, most of them are under 30. Nearly every village has a brass or marching band. Nearly every village has an own marching band. They have to rehearse march, waltz and contemporary music in winter to be prepared for the concerts in spring and summer.

Traditional costumes

The traditional music bands in South Tyrol are the traditional costumes. The costumes of the different bands are similar, but differ in various characteristics. In Sarntal, for instance the colour of hat strings shows whether the musician is engaged or not – a very curious detail.

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