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Museum of Nature South Tyrol

A visit of the Museum of Nature South Tyrol in Bozen is a highlight for the whole family. Children will not be bored in any case, and adults will also learn more about the flora and fauna as well as about geology in South Tyrol.

In the northeast of the historical centre of Bozen, in the former administration building of Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor, there is the South Tyrolean Museum of Nature. In addition to a permanent exhibition, there are several special exhibitions each year, complementing the themes of the permanent exhibition. The permanent exhibition displays the formation and appearance of the unique South Tyrolean mountains and valley with their habitats.

The secrets of nature

The permanent exhibition does not only show models and dioramas, but also experiments and interactive multimedia stations. The first part of the exhibition displays the geological development of four typical landscapes in South Tyrol. For instance, visitors will learn more about volcanoes, coral reefs and about how the Alps were formed. In the second part of the permanent exhibition, visitors will learn more about four typical habitats in South Tyrol – from the high mountain region to the valleys.

Also, you can see living animals visiting the museums in aquariums and terrariums. For instance, there is a colourful coral reef aquarium as well as a river and lake aquarium. In a paludarium, visitors can watch Alpine newts, and other two terrariums show reptiles existing in South Tyrol as well as the venomous horned viper.

Multi-faceted museum world

The Museum of Nature South Tyrol is open daily except on Mondays. On 1st January, 1st May and 25th December, the museum is closed. For museum tours a former registration at least 2 to 3 weeks before the desired date is necessary. In the museum, there are lectures and different events for kids as well as for adults. Children can, for instance, spend a night in the museum or celebrate their birthdays here.

Further information:

Museum of Nature South Tyrol
Bindergasse 1 – I-39100 Bozen
Phone: +39 0471 412 964

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