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Messner Mountain Museum Ripa

Reinhold Messner knows how to make themselves known: in the past with extreme expeditions, such as those on 'Himalayas and later with the museums and exhibitions based on the mountain.

In summer 2011 he inaugurated the "Messner Mountain Museum" at Bruneck Castle, dedicated to the peoples of the mountain. For Messner, however, the realization of museums has not been easy, there have been many controversies  to be done. Almost like climbing a mountain!

The Messner Mountain Museum in Bruneck, is the fifth of this kind. Other museums by Reinhold Messners are Juval Castle, the Museum in Solda, Castel Firmiano and Monte Rite in Belluno. 

This is an interactive museum, through which Messner intends intire people to an exchange of experiences with local peasant populations. Each year will be invited guests of the various Alpine regions that will tell their costumes and their lifestyles. The Messner Mountain Museum at Bruneck Castle should be dedicated to the Sherpa, Indians, Tibetans, Mongols and Hunza people.

Bruneck Castle

The castle was built in 13th century and in later centuries it was several times restored. The castle is located just above the city and easily reachable on foot.

Further information:

MMM Ripa – Bruneck Castle
I-39031 Bruneck
Tel. +39 0474 410 220