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Museum in the Dolomites

The Dolomites in South Tyrol have not only special attractions for mountaineers, bikers and other sportsmen, but also for lovers of art and culture - for instance some very interesting museums.

South Tyrolean Folklore Museum in Dietenheim

The documentary purpose of a museum of local ethnic tradition is that of highlighting the changes which occurred throughout a people’s history, as well as reviewing the most important aspects of their culture. The museum of Dietenheim, a charming little village near Bruneck, is spread over three hectares of land. Since 1977 several rural buildings, which could no longer remain on their original sites in the near valleys, have been reconstructed and rearranged as separate units around the old residence Mair am Hof in Dietenheim.

Near the manor farmyard it is possible to visit the farm, the small property owner’s dwelling and the old sites where people used to work: craftsman’s workshops, watermills, saw-mills, smithies and alpine huts. The buildings as such, as well as the exhibition of their furnishing and tools, take the visitors back to former times, motivating them to consider how the ancestors of the local population lived and coped with everyday life, which was most definitely very hard.


The exhibition, situated in the beautiful castle Thurn, focuses on some significant aspects of the present and past lives of the Dolomite Ladins, highlighting the important influences of cross-regional events on the lives of the population and pinpointing the existing interrelations between landscape forms and lifestyles.