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Museums in Bozen & environs

Read more about the most important museums in the region of Bozen and environs!

South Tyrol Wine Museum

Kaltern. The museum is located in the former tithe cellars of the ruling princes of Tyrol in the center of Kaltern (Caldaro) on the Weinstrasse (Wine Route) and offers a view of the time-honored winemaking tradition in the province.

Museum of People through time

Kurtatsch. This museum, which has been open since 1976 and newly arranged, presents the life of people in different eras. Over 4,000 archeological finds and items of folklore bear witness in a fascinating way to human development from Stone Age hunter-gatherers to the modern consumer society.

Popular culture museum

Neumarkt. The Museum of Popular Culture was first opened in 1990 and is found in the last original typical building in Neumarkt (Egna). Thanks to Anna Grandi Müller's attentive research, there are numerous objects now on display: furniture and items from the everyday life of middle class households of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Moos Castle

Eppan. This interesting building was originally a medieval defensive and residential tower. The rooms have been decorated with historical furnishings and frescoes from around 1400. Of particular interest is the portrayal of the 'War of the Cats and Mice' (from around 1410).

South Tyrol Museum of Archeology

Bozen. The Provincial Museum of Archeology was inaugurated in 1998. In addition to its permanent exhibit 'The Iceman', it documents the prehistory and early history of South Tyrol from the end of the last Ice Age (about 15,000 BC) to the time of Charlemagne (around 800 AD).

Bozen Municipal Museum

Bozen. The Bozen Municipal Museum was designed by Karl Delug and built in 1902-04 on the foundation of the medieval Hurlach residence. The rich collection of the museum includes not only such traditional sectors as archaeology, art from the Middle Ages onward, and folklore, but also old items such as those from the Society for Christian Art, the Museum Society, and the Bolzano National High School as well as newer objects obtained through purchases by the city of Bolzano or through private donations.

Apiculture Museum

Ritten. At the picturesque Plattner farmhouse, the history and development of beekeeping in South Tyrol are shown. Exhibits include the collection of beekeeping baskets and crates, honey centrifuges and presses, and various beekeeper's tools. The bee-related section is shown outdoors with an instructional path leading through an old bee colony. The visitor can view the busy traffic through the exit holes. The visit concludes with a honey tasting.