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Adventure mine Schneeberg

Those who love the mountains and the mysterious charm of mines, must not lose the fantastic excursion to the mine Schneeberg, between the Ridnauntal and Passeiertal near Meran.

The mine is the highest in Europe, and is 2355m above sea level. Near the mine you can visit also the refuge. The mine has more than 800 years old and from it once were extracted lead and zinc. The activities of the mine ceased in 1967, in 1966 was transformed and restructured in order to be visited by fans and curious. The mine is composed of more than 130 kilometres of tunnels and shafts, partially open, and the longest rail in the world, more than 27 km.

At the disposal of visitors was created an exhibition space that show all aspects of life of the mine Schneeberg at the end of Passeiertal Valley. In addition to this, there is also the possibility of undertaking an interesting trail, which can be done in 3 sections of different duration. During a pleasant walk you will discover the hardest aspects of life in mine and the beauty of South Tyrol mountain.

Even the nearby refuge was completely renovated in 1995 and can accommodate up to 100 people, both for eating and for overnighting. The mine can be reached on foot through 4 different paths in about 2 hours from Timmelsjoch road (Passeiertal), or in 4 hours from Maiern in Ridnaun Valley. Do not miss the opportunity to explore a mysterious underground daily tour, where you can even reach the locality of Ridnaun on the other side of the mine!