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Ritten Railway

The little train is already more than 100 years old, but it still carries its passengers elegantly and easily on the high plateau of Ritten and from one village to another.

Get in and let’s start! Ritten Railway, that brought guests up to Ritten from 1907 to the 1960s, is a very nostalgic and romantic experience. Also, you can unhurriedly enjoy a wonderful natural landscape including spacious forests and a very special panoramic view.

Already in its “younger days”, the rack railway from Bozen to Ritten was a unique attraction: From Waltherplatz Square in Bozen it drove directly to Ritten high plateau, a popular summer resort. Then it continued between Maria Himmelfahrt and Klobenstein. In fact, all travellers could look forward to unique panoramic views. In 1966, the old railway drove for the last time and was replaced by a modern cableway. The flat track on Ritten does still exist today. Now, the historical narrow-gauge railway runs with modern wagons between Maria Himmelfahrt, Oberbozen and Klobenstein.

The matching buzzword of holiday research is escaping from everyday life, which means gaining some distance from everyday problems and thinking about good old times. In fact, the clocks may seem to turn slower in a few parts in South Tyrol and vacationers may be able to look back at bygone times – for instance with Ritten Railway!

A particular event that combines the nostalgic trip with a pleasure for ears and palate are the culinary night trips which take place in the Ritten Railway during the summer months.