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Observatory Gummer

Admire the endless wideness of the universe, observe the solar winds, follow the movement of the planets or search for the man on the moon… In the observatory every look heavenwards is an experience.

The first and at the same time the only observatory in South Tyrol is located in the small village Gummer near Karneid. It was opened in 2002 and it is named after Max Valier, a well-known astronomer and rocket pioneer born in Bozen.

Great telescopes

The main attractions in the first and only observatory in South Tyrol are of course the telescopes, primarily a Cassegrain reflector telescope with 80 cm reflector diameter and light collecting area, which is 10,000 times larger than the one of the human eye. In order to watch stars and planets, there are also two more telescopes and a cupola.

The sun observatory “Peter Anich” opens its doors on certain Sunday afternoons and is dedicated especially to the study of the centre of our solar system. It provides a cupola with a diameter of 4.2 m and a sun telescope. A two- to three-hour planet path with interesting information boards and a big, globular sun dial complete the offer of the observatory. The planetarium in Gummer, however, is not part of the observatory,  but is also exciting for small and big space fans.

Guided tours

Registration is required for guided tours. Tours are cancelled in case of rain or snowfall. Evening tours are offered all year round. You should also dress warmly, as it can get cold when stargazing at night in Eggental. In any case, you should bring warm clothes with you, as it can get cold during night stargazing. Guided daytime tours are offered in summer.

Further information & opening times:

Observatory Max Valier
Phone: +39 0471 610 020

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Max Valier observatory
Max Valier observatory

Max Valier observatory

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The observatory Max Valier
The observatory Max Valier

From a superb viewpoint in Gummer you can watch the stars and the planets high up in the infinite universe.

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