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Promenades in Meran

Holidays in Meran in South Tyrol are good for youth healthiness. Empress Sisi of Austria knew this already in 19th century, when Meran peaks out.

With the beautiful Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle and the new thermal baths, Meran lives a renaissance today. Enjoy Meran, walking on the marvellous promenades.

The Mediterranean climate and the great view on the mountains of Texel-Group transform a simple the walk along the promenades into an unforgettable experience. Come on and take a walk on one of these promenades in Meran.

Passer promenade

The Passer promenade is a part of the wide Kur promeade, named after the well-known "Kurhaus" (spa hotel), considered as the most beautiful liberty-style-building of the Alps. The promenade runs from the Theater bridge to the Post Bridge and finally to the railway bridge. Many cafés and shops are bordering the promenade.

Summer promenade

The summer promenade, on the left side of the Passer River, is bordered by cedars, olive trees, palms and poplars and it offers a marvellous walk through amazing vegetation. At the entry to the promenade, by the Post Bridge, there is a statue of Empress Elisabeth of Austria.

Winter promenade

The winter promenade is a very sunny and not-windy trail. Because of that we recommend for walks in the colder seasons. Visit the “Wanderhalle” building, constructed in 1889 and used for summer-concerts and exhibitions. Today you can admire a series of paintings of South Tyrolean landscapes. The winter promenades links to Obermais, where you find Trauttmansdorff Castle.

Gilf promenade & Tappeiner path

The Gilf promenade leads walkers to the dramatic gorge, under the cliffs of Zeno Castle. There, explorers find a viewing point and can watch the waters of Passer River roar. From Gilf promenade you can continue your tour on Tappeiner Promenade, which is called after the scientist and tourism promoter Franz Tappeiner, who lived in the 19th century.

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The Gilf Promenade
The Gilf Promenade

Gilf promenade for his poetic journey and subtropical plants, is one of the most romantic walks of Merano.

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