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Painters’ House

St. Martin in Passeier is known for its art school, which was founded in 1719. The house, in which they used to organise the lessons, is still preserved today. On its front wall you can admire frescoes of St Martin, St George and the Holy Mother of God holding a rosary. The students were taught in the art of the "Nazarenes”.

Scattered throughout the village, there are more houses to be seen, which were decorated with elaborate frescoes – as well as the interior of the parish church of St. Martin. But the artists accomplished their works not only in Passeiertal, but throughout the entire area of Tyrol. After the death of Benedict Auer in 1845 the school was closed.

If you want to spend your vacation in St. Martin in Passeier, you will probably have to marvel the wonderful frescoes.