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Meeting place fruit market Bozen

The fruit market in Bozen, in the heart of the city, promises more than a simple street market.

In fact, the fruit and vegetable market in South Tyrol’s capital Bozen is a colourful sight to see. Here you can not only buy fruit, but also vegetables, cheese and speck, the famous smoked ham. Apart from that, the fruit and vegetable market is a popular meeting point for citizens, students, visitors and tourists. The market is open from Monday to Saturday, from 8 am until 7 pm.

On the market, you can buy delicious South Tyrolean apples and many other products from the region. Of course, you can also gossip eating a typical sausage or tasting many healthy, traditional and unusual products, which you can hardly find in supermarkets.

In autumn, the market stands also offer delicious chestnuts, in winter you can taste some spicy mulled wine. In spring and summer, however, the fruit market is maybe the most Mediterranean spot in Bozen – with fresh basil, tomatoes, oregano, garlic and fresh salads, encouraging your appetite for Italian specialities.

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Fruit market in Bozen
Fruit market in Bozen

Fresh fruit, vegetables and many other delicacies can be bought on the fruit market in Bozen.

© IDM Südtirol - Helmuth Rier
Fruit market in Bozen
Fruit market in Bozen

At the weekly market, visitors can buy fresh fruit and vegetables as well as cheese and sausages, bread, olive oil and fresh flowers.

© Johanna Heiss