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Cinema under the stars

The world's a stage! At 1.400 meters above sea level Shakespeare's words come true. Take a seat and immerse in the impressive and multifaceted natural spectacle.

Watch the film from front row, when and as long as you want, without popcorn between the seats and particularly without commercial breaks interrupting the film. An illusion? Not at all! Halfway between Vöran and Hafling your dreams will be fulfilled.

Far away from the Hollywood hustle and bustle, from stars and starlets, where HD, special effects in 3D and movie studios do not matter anymore, there, and only there you become your own director and author of your personal script.

Beyond 1,400 meters above sea level the cinema opens its curtains. In 2000 the artist Franz Messner built the cinema and placed about 30 chairs on the rocky ledge. In a breathtaking panorama you will be embraced by the authentic landscape: the valleys Etschtal and Passeier, the Dolomites and the peaks of the natural park Texelgruppe. Each day, each season, whether a romance at sunset or an enthralling action film in the pouring rain and whispering wind, the cinema “Knottn” offers an unforgettable and never ending story. 

Our special advice: 

You might as well take a nice walk up to the most spectacular open-air stage in South Tyrol. Start at the restaurant “Grüner Baum” in Vöran and walk along the signposted trail No. 12a toward the Rotsteinkogel. You’ll reach the cinema “Knottn” in about one and a half hours. 

Get inebriated by the iridescent scenery and admire the impressive spectacle of Mother Earth. Discover every day in its unique way, the majestic iridescence of the South Tyrolean mountains.

Further information: 

Tourist association Hafling-Vöran-Meran 2000 
Phone: +39 0473 279 457