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Prince's Castle Meran

Castles fairytale where principles and princesses have really lived, slept in beds and walking for gardens in bloom!

It is one of the many emotions that you can experience in South Tyrol castle on your family vacation! The Prince's Castle Meran is the ideal destination for those who want to experience the court emotions for a day.

The castle never had the function of fortification, dates from the second half of the 15th century, initially was a part of the cellars of the Prince and was only around 1470 that was entirely rebuilt and used as a residence.

The residence was used to house the territorial Prince in his frequent stays and Principles and emperors who were to go to these places. The castle today, after several restoration by the town of Meran, is fully furnished with antique furniture and works of art, in line with what should be the real appearance of the castle in his periods of splendour.

Inside you can see the picturesque courtyard, a guard with weapons and other works of art of the XV-XVI placed in different rooms. A journey between King, Queens and knights: a dreams together with the whole family!

Further information:

Prince's Castle Meran
Galileistraße/Burghof – I-39012 Meran
Phone: +39 329 018 6390