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Castle Sigmundskron

The castle had once been a fortress, later it was transferred into the passion of the bishops of Trient. A count of Tyrol - Sigismund, Archduke of Austria – made the castle, which was mentioned in 945 for the first time, one of his most precious residences in 1473.

Today, the castle host one of six Messner Mountain Museums. Everybody knows him, the most famous alpinist of the world, the writer and politician: Reinhold Messner. He was the first one, who climbed Mount Everest without oxygen.

The Messner Mountain Museum Firmian is situated near Bozen into the ancient walls of Sigmundskron Castle in Firmian. The museum wants to show the relation between mountains and people and asks how mountains influence peoples thinking. In ancient times people were afraid of mountains; nowadays anyone can climb nearly any peak. In the museum are exhibited many sculptures, mystic objects, Buddha-sculptures, memories of alpinists and mountain maps.

MMM - Messner Mountain Museum

The Messner Mountain Museum is not a mountaineering museum or one, which is featuring the mountains of South Tyrol but a museum which wants to explain only the relation between men and mountains. A museum, absolutely worth seeing!

Skeleton in an ancient chapel

The museums-route is going around a thousand-year-old chapel, the holy place of the Castle and the enchanted mountain of Firmian. There, a year ago, workers found the skeleton of a 6-7.000 years old woman. You see: Sigmundskron and mount Firmian are really mystic places and a perfect location for Messner’s ideas.

Further information:

MMM Firmian Sigmundskron
Sigmundskronerstraße 53 – I-39100 Bozen

Phone: +39 0471 631 264


Messner Mountain Museum Firmian
Messner Mountain Museum Firmian

The museum is one of the museums by extreme alpinist Reinhold Messner and is located at Sigmundskron Castle near Bozen.

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Sigmundskron Castle
Sigmundskron Castle

Today, the castle near Bozen houses the Messner Mountian Museum Firmian.

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Sigmundskron Castle
Sigmundskron Castle

The imposing castle is situated above the city of Bozen and houses one of six museums by Reinhold Messner.

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Sigmundskron Castle
Sigmundskron Castle

Today, the late-medieval castle is the forth museum by alpinist Reinhold Messner, inaugurated in 2006.

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