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Nature experience “Urlesteig” path

Go splashing into the water here, clamber around there, meet the funny animals of the forest and hear about the mysterious figures allegedly living between lakes, trees and mountains. If kids should enjoy hiking, the chosen tour absolutely don’t have to be boring!

If you go for the “Urlesteig” path in Sarntal, you surely don’t have to fret about boredom, because the nature experience path, which will be opened in summer 2012, is a huge adventure playground for young (and older) keen swimmers, climbers and natural scientists. The name of the trail derives from the so-called “Urlelockn”, two small lakes at the side of the path.

Family getaway

The “Urlesteig” path is located in Reinswald at the end of the valley, rather in the local skiing and hiking area. There the cableway is working also during the summer month in order to take visitors quickly up to the mountains, where they can do numerous tours or just enjoy the mountain air and the sun.

The mountain station Pichlberg at 2,130 meters above sea level is the starting point of the “Urlesteig” path, too. It comprises different stages, so that families can choose the right one according to how they feel like it – from short strolls to long-lasting rambles.

Pfnatschalm & Sunnalm huts

The first part leads from the mentioned mountain station to the Pfnatschalm hut, where the topic water is the centre of attention. Here, kids will already ask you to stay for a while in order to follow the watercourse, to turn the water wheels, to cross over the pond on a raft or to splash about.

Nevertheless it would be definitely rewarding to follow up the “Urlesteig” path. The next stage goes slightly downhill to the Sunnalm hut. On the way charts provide interesting info about the animal kingdom of the region. Moreover a gigantic dragonfly made of wood and metal invites for clambering and playing. Below the Sunnalm hut you’ll finally find also the eponymous “Urlelockn” ponds. Legend has it that once there was a bewitched lake.

Getrumalm hut & mills of Reinswald

Another part of the „Urlesteig“ path is located between the mountain station Pichlberg and the Getrumalm hut. There you can learn everything you need to know about Sarntal – from the agreeable effects of the local mountain pine to pastures and mines. If then you and your children still feel like going on, you can walk on along the stream to the mills and down to Reinswald. As a reward there are waiting the wonderful plant life of Sarntal and a picturesque chapel made of mountain pine wood.

Walking along the “Urlesteig” path you’ll pass many picnic sites, rest areas and playgrounds. Beyond that most of the alpine huts are open to hungry and thirsty hikers. 

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