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When you think about a vacation you think about envision days of total relaxation, pampered in a friendly environment, where everything seems to be thought for your welfare and your needs.

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On vacation, we want something special like a nice breakfast in bed, one afternoon in saunas and massage, a gourmet dinner by candlelight and nights to cuddle by the fire. The right thing to do, to ensure a perfect holiday, is to book a hotel that knows how to meet your every desire. Choosing a 4-star hotel guarantees you a certain and defined standards of service.

A 4-star hotel in South Tyrol will be able to offer everything you imagine during a special holiday and also some more! Among the criteria of a 4-star hotel in South Tyrol, for example, there are room service, laundry service, restaurant, activity programme, daily changing, complimentary toiletries in the bathroom, telephone, TV and internet access.

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