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Finnish sauna

Sweating is healthy. And it is healthier sweating in a sauna than doing it during sports. Sure, to have a sauna is much more relaxing.

You only have to sit or lay down in a wooden chamber, the low air moisture and the temperatures between 70 and 90 °C are doing everything for your healthiness.

Sweating you purify your body from scoriae, and after the following cold shower you get the circulation going and you restore demonstrable your immune system.

Unlike America or United Kingdom in South Tyrol you use the sauna nude. For hygienic reasons you have to take a sauna towel with you: sitting on it is required.

The particular of a Finnish sauna is the sauna douse: During the douse, you sprinkle the hot stones with aroma-infused water and raise the air moisture for a few minutes.

You will see: once made the sauna-experience you will no more renounce to it!

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