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Sauna: sweating to be good

Don’t sweat only if you do sport, but even if you relax!

Sauna is not simply sweating, and either you know it, or you discover it when first entering the sauna centre: you immerse in an atmosphere of pure comfort and cosiness!

Sauna has developed into a part of wellness and relax because once you go to the sauna you will feel the special sensation of being newly born and the deep calmness, your body getting full of new energies!

But as in all the cultures of sweating, sauna was used to clean and purify the body and the soul, so take your time in the sauna of your hotel in South Tyrol! Enjoy the peaceful heat, dive into the ice-cold water and fill your body with new energies!

Smell the natural woody essences in the Finish sauna, let the flavour of freshly cut hay arose in your nose joining the herbal sauna or immerse, after many kilometres of skiing or exhausting walking trips in the water of the whirlpool and your muscles will regenerate automatically!

Once discovered the pleasure of the sauna, you could also try the sauna on the glacier, in a farm… or enjoy the massages or baths! Specialists are the Dolce Vita Hotels in South Tyrol!

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