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The stone cairns

A very special place in Bozen and environs is the summit of Mt. Schöneck between Etschtal and Sarntal. Dozens man-high stone cairns are standing on the summit-plateau. The place is magic.

Cairns are not actually something really particular in South Tyrol's mountains, the serve as direction and orientation signs in pathless country. But the cairns between the valleys of Sarntal and Etschtal are different, because they exist already since millennia. When we read the court protocol of the year 1540 a woman named Barbara Pachler was indicated to have participated at witches-dances and Satan-evocations. You see the place is really mysterious.

If you want to visit the cairns – in German called "Stoanmanndln" – you have to drive to Sarnthein and then to Hotel Auener Hof. Park your car there and hike on path 2 to Auener Alm mountain pasture and to Auenerjoch Pass. Here change path and take number 4 to reach your excursion destination. The ascent lasts only 1,5 hours and is very easy.