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Climbing parks in Eisacktal

Various cliffs in Eisacktal of different difficulty, suitable for all types of climbing and preparation.

In comparison to the neighbouring Dolomites the valley Eisacktal doesn’t have such a great selection for climbers. Anyway there are waiting some commendable crags with quite long tradition.

Kleine Rotwand - Karersee

This climbing area with five sectors is characterized by a uniquely scenic position at the foot of Mt. Rotwand. For skilled climbers there are mainly overhanging rock faces of dolomite.

  • Journey: From Bozen into the valley Eggental, to Welschnofen and onward to Karer pass; then turn towards Niger pass and park after 1 km on the parking site on the right.
  • Access: Starting on the parking place a path leads into the forest; at a crossway you have to follow the direction signs with the number 9, then the ways diverge depending on the different sectors;
  • Routes: 13 routes up to 5c, 28 between 6a and 6c, 25 between 7a and 7c and 1 8a.

Zanser Alm - Villnöss

In the valley of Villnöss there are available climbing routes in all levels of difficulty. An advantage for families: the child-friendly environs – and for landscape lovers: the marvellous view to the mountains of the Geisler group.

  • Journey: From Brixen or Klausen into the valley of Villnöss, then onward to the mountain hut Zanser Alm on the top of the valley with chargeable parking site.
  • Access: Follow the forest road towards “Schlüterhütte”; next to a bridge you take the “Adolf Munkel” path (number 35), turn to your left on the first road junction and move on to the rock faces.
  • Routes: 7 tours in the degrees of difficulty 3 and 4, 19 between 5a and 5c, 20 more up to 6c and 1 7a, 1 7c and 1 8a.

Mahr - Brixen

This crag is located directly next to the Brenner highway near Brixen. Hard to believe, but true: You will hardly hear the traffic noise. As regards the climbing tours beginners will find suitable projects as well as trained climbers.

  • Journey: From Brixen to Klausen, in the industrial district you have to move on towards Tschötsch; when you see some buildings, you will also view the climbing rocks; park in the lay-by on the right side of the road.
  • Access: In 5 minutes from the orchard to the rock faces.
  • Routes: 4 routes up to 5a, 13 more up to 6a, 16 between 6b and 7a and 9 tours between 7b and 8b.

Hohe Festung - Franzensfeste

This small but nice and climbing park is located next to the impressing fortification called Franzensfeste. The quite new crag is an ideal terrain for beginners and advanced – and also for climbing kids.

  • Journey: From Brixen towards Franzensfeste; after the fortress you have to turn to your left and to park below the motorway.
  • Access: First you follow the path underneath the railroad line, then the signposted trail that leads in about 15 minutes to the climbing park.
  • Routes: 4 routes in the degrees of difficulty 3 and 4, 7 between 5a and 5c, 8 more up to 6c.

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