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Climbing parks in Gröden

The bigger part of the climbing parks in Gröden has been opened up by the legendary “Catores”, a famous climbers’ guild in the Dolomites.

The most important areas can be found next to the so called “Traumpfeiler” and in the “Stony city” on the mountain pass Sella. Anyway all the following climbing parks can be considered as highlights in the Dolomites, because all of them are offering special tours, exciting challenges and unique panoramic views.

La Cava - St. Ulrich

La Cava stands for 35 artificial climbing routes in a closed stone quarry along the main road of St. Ulrich. Due to an earth wall climbers hardly hear the traffic noise and thanks to overhanging porphyry rocks they can climb also in the rain.

  • Journey: From Klausen into the valley of Gröden; the crag is located slightly before St. Ulrich on the left side of the road; park on the lay-by on the left.
  • Access: Over the earth wall with two steps to the climbing park.
  • Routes: 6 tours in the level of difficulty 5c, 18 between 6a and 6c, 9 between 7a and 7c and 3 in 8a.

Bernardi - Wolkenstein

This crag offers some nice, not very long and medium difficult tours for passionate climbers. The climbing area is located slightly hidden in the forest and is characterized by overhanging, holey dolomite rocks for athletic climbing.

  • Journey: From Klausen into the valley of Gröden and to Wolkenstein; there you move on towards Grödnerjoch and park next to the first hairpin bend.
  • Access: Next to the parking space you cross the stream and go on uphill on the ski slope; after 100 m you follow the path leading to the rocks.
  • Routes: 5 tours between 6a and 6c, 7 more between 7a and 7b.

Frea - Grödnerjoch

This crag is considered as one of the most beautiful and largest ones in the Dolomites. There are offered interesting tours in perfect dolomite rocks and some of the 70 routes have up to five pitches.

  • Journey: From Klausen to Gröden and on the mountain pass Grödnerjoch. 1 km under the pass there are some parking sites on the left side of the road.
  • Access: The walk to the climbing rocks takes about 15 minutes; first it follows the road below the rocks, then you keep moving on a footpath.
  • Routes: 4 tours in the level of difficulty 4, 11 between 5a and 5c, 37 between 6a and 6c and 21 tours over 7a.

Traumpfeiler - Plan de Gralba

The climbing park “Traumpfeiler” is an alpine climbing area – namely one of the most famous ones throughout South Tyrol. Here you can climb routes with up to six pitches and many long, well-secured and thoroughly demanding tours in dolomite rocks.  

  • Journey: From Klausen into the valley of Gröden, to Wolkenstein and towards mountain pass Sella; the parking site is located directly below the “Traumpfeiler”.
  • Access: On the left of the car park a trail leads to the highly visible rock face.
  • Routes: 4 routes up to 6a, 32 between 6a and 6c, 19 tours between 7a and 7c and 4 in the degree of difficulty 8a.

Steinerne Stadt (stony city) - Sellajoch

This crag is composed of many larger and smaller rocks, which are the result of a giant rockslide at the foot of Mt. Langkofel. Beginners and advanced climbers enjoy the slip-proof, slightly overhanging tours and also for pros and bouldering fans there are some nice possibilities.

  • Journey: From Klausen into the valley of Gröden, to Wolkenstein and on the mountain pass Sella; there you can park next to the refuge;
  • Access: The first climbing rocks are located directly behind the refuge; the others can be reached within a few minutes on diverse paths.
  • Climbing routes: 29 tours in the level of difficulty 4, 24 more up to 5c, 75 between 6a and 6c, 13 above 7a.
  • Bouldering routes: 16 boulders up to 5c, 20 between 6a and 6c, 10 over 7a. 

Cogoi - Pian Schiavaneis

Cogoi is a quite remarkable climbing park between the mountain pass Sella and Canazei, even if it is suitable above all for well-trained athletes. Nevertheless, there are available also some tours for beginners and advanced climbers.

  • Journey: From Klausen into the valley Gröden, across the mountain pass Sella and towards Canazei; park next to the refuge “Pian Schiavaneis”.
  • Access: Pass the barrier, follow the path to the waterfall and move on across the streambed; after 10-15 minutes you will reach the climbing rocks.
  • Routes: 4 routes in the degree of difficulty 4, 10 between 5a and 5c, 22 between 6a and 6c, 26 more up to 7c and 12 between 8a and 8c. 

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