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Climbing parks in Alta Badia

In Alta Badia climbers find various rocks of different difficulty, suitable for all types of climbing and preparation.

Sass de Stria - Falzarego

Sass Stria is recommendable for beginners and occasional climbers. The bigger part of the routes are easier than 6a, but quite exciting. 

  • Journey: From Bruneck in the valley Alta Badia and to St. Kassian, then to the mountain mass Valparola, there you can park on the old street (about 500 m after the Valparola pass).
  • Access: Down into the dip, past the bouldering rocks and on the easily findable path to the crag.
  • Routes: 9 routes in difficulty 4, 14 between 5a and 5c, 4 in 6a.

Sass Dlacia - St. Kassian

This climbing park is quite a large one and offers many routes for all levels of difficulty. They are distributed in different sectors and suitable for all those who like technically demanding and arduous climbing.

  • Journey: From Bruneck to Stern and St. Kassian, then to Armentarola and turn left next to the sign “Capanna Alpina”, park next to the desiccated river bed.
  • Access: Across the river bed to the picnic park, then on the trails in 10 to 20 minutes to the single sectors.
  • Routes: 4 tours in level of difficulty 4, 11 between 5b and 5c, 92 between 6a and 6c, 77 in 7a and 5 routes in 8a. 

Pederü - St. Vigil

In Pederü in the vicinity of the village St. Vigil you will find circa 20 medium difficult climbing tours. In general this crag isn’t crowded and therefore some routes may be a little bit mucky.

  • Journey: From Bruneck into the valley Alta Badia, to Zwischenwasser, St. Vigil and Pederü. On the top of the valley there is the refuge Pederü, where a sign already indicates the climbing park; there you can park.
  • Access: On the trail towards “Refuge Fodara-Vedla” in about 5 minutes to the climbing rocks.
  • Routes: 14 tours till 6a, 8 between 7b and 7a. 


At the foot of the north face of Mt. Peitlerkofel next to the mountain pass Würzjoch climbers may find many interesting opportunities to practice their favourite sport. In the last years the tours have been renovated and offer easy to medium difficult climbing.

  • Journey: From Bruneck into the valley Alta Badia, to St. Martin in Thurn and from there to the mountain pass Würzjoch, where you can also park your car.
  • Access: Follow the hiking trail 8A/8B to an alpine hut, then move on for 10 minutes on the path 8B. The next trail, which is marked with red points, leads to the crag.
  • Routes: 10 routes till 5c, 8 between 6a and 6c, 5 more above 7a.

Bouldering area Valparola

The bouldering area next to the mountain pass Falzarego ranks among the most scenic regions in South Tyrol. The dolomite rocks are quite steep, ragged and holey.

  • Journey: From Bruneck into the valley Alta Badia and to St. Kassian, to the mountain pass Valparola and there you can park on the old street (about 1 km from the pass Falzarego).
  • Access: Down into the dip, where the boulders are located between street and crag. 
  • Routes: 9 boulders till 5a, 20 between 5b and 6a, 17 between 6b and 7a and 1 7c and 8b. 

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